The curriculum aims

A home away from home

A happy home for our tiny dolls. That’s the kindergarten of Vedanta Academy Tirupur. A smiling face as the children enter the school. Two loving hands to hug them. We here at Vedanta Academy value each child as a unique and individual we do our best to develop personal independence and do activities of their choice. Each teacher does her best to develop self-motivation and discipline in the children. We ensure that each child is happy and confident in doing the task, activity allotted to them. The children are taught to have self-confidence, self-respect, to be friendly with one another and to behave at home in school and in public place. Children are given freedom to express their feelings, nurturing the potential of each child in a loving and caring environment.

The kids are taken for nature walks and field trips to enable them to learn letter through experience the classes are filled with activities, Rhymes, Singing games and Fun.

The children have the freedom to express their talents through art, music and dance and story-telling. The kids are taught to develop their skills in reading, writing and communication through flash cards and sentence strips. Math is taught through play and practical methods importance is given in developing physical skills like gross motor and fine motor through clay play fixing knop toys, singing and games.

Vedanta Academy curriculum aims to provide abroad learning experience and encourages a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that later for the different needs of individual children. The Primary curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of their life- Spiritual, moral cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetics, social and physical.

The curriculum aims to develop the skills that help them in day to day life Language development program: the focus is on all the children through LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing)

Stem: helps in raising expectations and enhancing the quality of student learning in science technology engineering mathematics. Art Education: There’s no doubt that the art and fun for kids. Art allows kids to express themselves better. Robotics: It makes the children know more about the world digitally than the text.

Curriculum in school education is crucially important as it provides a frame work for all the activities to be conducted in the school to achieve desirable quality of education.

It has a dynamic character reflecting the changes that scenario. A good curriculum is one which encourages meaningful learning through regularity, sincerity and devotion on the part of student.

CBSE envisions all round development of student however considering growing disconnect between the existing academic achievements at the secondary level.

Students must also be equipped with the diverse range of skills, such as creating, thinking, problem solving and collaboration. Our curriculum aims to enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential promote capabilities related to goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning, develops thinking skills, problem solving and creativity, nurtures communication and interpersonal skills and inculcate values.

Art education: Art education entails instructions in various art forms which encourage the students to participate in related activities thus promoting abilities such as imagination, creativity, valuing arts and cultural heritage health and physical education: Health and physical education focuses on scholastic development both mental and physical understanding the importance of physical fitness, health wellbeing and the factored that contribute to them.